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How do I get the free domain name offer?

Simply register a new domain name for free when you buy another service such as a Web Hosting, Domain Forwarding or an Email Account. You can choose any available COM, NET, ORG, BIZ or INFO domain. Your domain name must be registered as part of a new order to obtain this special offer. These domains usually cost up to $35 at some Registrars.

What domain name extensions can I choose as part of the free domain offer?

You can choose any available COM, NET, ORG, BIZ or INFO domain name.

How do I set up my free domain name with my account?

Simply choose an available domain during the order process and it will be set up on your account automatically.

Do these free domain names work exactly the same as domains registered somewhere else?

Yes. There is no difference.

Do I have to register a domain name with my order?

No. We can host your existing domain names which may be registered anywhere in the world.

Can I just register a domain name without a hosting account?

Yes. Simply click on the "Discount Domains" link above to get started.

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